Merryam's Elfun Adventures Book




Have you ever wondered what Santa and the elves do after their Christmas Eve delivery? Merryam will take you along on her Elfun journey that shares some of the secrets of North Pole. You'll meet Pieper the Pocket Elf who hides in Santa's pocket and has the most important job. Hear about The Great Memory Tree Santa planted as a boy and how it holds the memories of holiday's past. Learn how the reindeer earn buttons of honor just by being a hero or helper to other animals and elves. Follow along on the year round adventures that Santa and all the Elfun families enjoy while the Toy Factory is closed. Then see how Merryam continues her duties at the North Pole and around the world that include being kind and giving to others and praying for all the needs of the children Santa delivers to. Merryam's Elfun Adventures is a year round treasure that shows how giving to others is not for just one holiday but should be shared all year long.

Merryam can't help but spills the beans about how Santa stays jolly and how the elves get to use the North Pole original Kindness Calculator. You'll realize that Santa keeps a list of the good deeds we do and not so much of the bad ones.